Company Values

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create an amazing experience for our team members and our guests.

The Scarlett Hospitality Group’s vision is to be the best hospitality leadership company to work with through a culture of delivering amazing service, creating and sustaining an excellent team member environment, an excellent sales culture and sound processes that ensure profit in every property we lead. We are a people first company, and will be the most desired employer in the hospitality industry to work with. 

Core Values

Our Core Values provide the framework for achieving the Scarlett Hotel Group’s vision and our mission


We expect our team members to “do the right thing” no matter what.

Mutual Respect

We will always strive to create an amazing experience for our internal guests and our external guests.


We expect all our team members to hold themselves and each other accountable for creating an excellent experience for our fellow team members and guests.

Team and Guest Environment

We take pride in creating a team-driven, fun working environment where we create excellent guest experiences and learn a little every day.

Continual Improvement

We encourage an environment where each of our team members take initiative to continue making the working and guest experience better every day.


We teach and expect leadership excellence from all of our team leaders.


We promote an environment that encourages team leaders to communicate clear expectations and goals. We collaborate at a team to come up with a strategy to achieve those goals.



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